Public Speaking Training for Schools & Educational Institutes (all levels)

Customised & Tailored Training for Your Students to Grow as Confident, Competent, and Creative Communicators

Are you still looking for a suitable training programme for your students? Are you searching for that futureproof skill to introduce your students to? Take that first step with the Public Speaking Academy to design a customised school training to introduce your students to public speaking and communication skills! We believe that public speaking skills form a core component of a student’s educational journey. We want to help our young talents of the future to develop compelling ideas, deliver them persuasively, and lead the way effectively.

Public speaking, communication or even persuasion skills are no longer trivial “soft” skills. They are fast becoming the coveted skill-set in the modern home, workplace, and world.


At the Public Speaking Academy, we want to help you bring out the best in your students, teachers, or school. Be it public speaking training for your students, teachers, or staff, we will prepare a tailored educational programme designed to meet your public speaking learning needs. We want to help you and your students stay ahead of the curve by picking up contemporary communication skills to remain relevant, applicable, and futureproof. Through our customized school-based training programmes, your school will benefit from an in-depth, hands-on, and potential-maximising public speaking training programme!

Why the Public Speaking Academy?

The Public Speaking Academy has an extensive record in our public speaking school-based training experience, having served our various school-based clients (such as Primary/Secondary schools, Institutes of Higher Learning, etc.) in their journey to be impeccable communicators. Our training team are experienced and versatile enough to shape public speaking training or course based on the school’s and students’ learning needs. From developing general public speaking confidence to specialised communication school-based training to help you and your students remain future-ready, we can work closely with you to design a programme tailored to your school’s learning needs.

Enhancing Students’ Abilities To Speak With Flair & Confidence Since 2009

With the Public Speaking Academy as your choice for a school-based training provider, you will receive:

  • World Champion Experience: Our public speaking programmes are helmed by our quality and professional training faculty members, consisting of highly-sought-after public speaking trainers or speakers who are in high demand for (i) the breadth and depth of competent communication skills they command, and (ii) their achievements, experience and accolades in public speaking sphere. The training team is helmed by our very own Principal and Master Trainer, Darren Tay, the World Champion of Public Speaking in 2016 who has spoken and trained more than 250,000 individuals in developing effective communication skills to utilise in the classroom, workplace, and the world at large. We want to bring the World Champion learning experience to your students and school!
  • Extensive Experience: Our public speaking training team has extensive experience in the field of public speaking and confidence-building since 2009, growing to a total of 4 branches around Singapore. Our diverse clientele include schools, companies, corporate / charitable / non-profit organisations. We have designed and delivered various school-based assignments, ranging from masterclasses to longer running workshops, to help your students develop public speaking confidence. We will work closely with you to create an exciting, engaging and enthralling learning environment for your students to grow and develop as confident communicators in school and at home.
  • Customised Experience: We understand that every student and school have unique learning objectives and preferred structure for school-based training programmes. We believe that the best way to sharpen the stand-out edge for you, your students, and your school, is to draw from our extensive syllabus and design a customised learning experience targeted at achieving tailored and precise teaching objectives. We are ready to design a school-based training course that best fits your goals and budget!

What Will My Students & School Benefit From?

Our public speaking training programmes and courses are designed with a careful balance between (i) engaging theory sharing (e.g., presentations on technique), and (ii) evaluated practice sessions (e.g., practice presentations with feedback). Your students will pick up public speaking confidence, explore foundational-to-advance techniques, and challenge themselves to test these techniques with guidance, feedback, and evaluation. Through our school-based training courses, your students can benefit from:

  • Classroom Confidence: For students starting out with public speaking, our school-based training programmes are perfect for bolstering communication confidence. Your students will explore and master public speaking techniques that are directly applicable to their classroom (e.g., in-class presentation skills, hosting, interpersonal communication).
  • Leadership Communication Confidence: Our young communicators and students are the future leaders of this world. Through our school-based training, your students will develop communication skills related to leadership (e.g., student ambassadors, persuasive speaking, inspirational speaking).
  • Future-Ready Confidence: Our school-based training is not just designed for the present; they are aimed at preparing your students for the future. Equip your students with future-ready public speaking and communication skills to gear them up for the world beyond the classroom! Your students will pick up public speaking/communication skills that they can apply in their learning journey.

We have covered a wide variety of topics, which include:

Feel free to reach out to us to curate your own public speaking school-based training programme for your students, teachers, or school! Let us help you develop them into highly effective public speakers in school, empowered with effective presentation skills & storytelling skills – them giving speeches with charisma, confidence and impact is something you can look forward to!


I am Keen! How Do We Start?

If you are keen to bring your students’ or school’s public speaking and communication skills to the next level, feel free to reach out to us at for a quotation, with the following details:

  • total number of participants
  • total number of trainers required
  • total duration of training
  • distribution of the total duration (e.g., if it is 18 hours of instruction, would it be over 2 days or 4 days)
  • learning objectives to be covered
  • training venue (at one of our learning centres or at the office/ school)
  • estimated budget for the assignment

We look forward to collaborating with you in designing a public speaking school-based training suited to your students’ needs!