Would you believe it if we told you that our very own Darren Tay started as a shy, introvert student at the young age of 14, before becoming the World Champion of Public Speaking? We understand that journey, and we want to help your child develop the same communication confidence. To us, public speaking is more than just a stage performance – in the modern class, school, and workplace, effective communication skills remain one of the highly-sought skills. We want to help your child get a head-start in standing out through charismatic, confident, and competent communication skills!

Introducing our Speech Excellence Programme (for Children ages 7 to 18)

The Speech Excellence Programme is a carefully crafted public speaking course for children in Singapore, designed to boost their confidence, introduce them to effective communication skills and transform them into powerful speakers both in school and their future workplace. The programme is divided into the age groups of 7 to 8 (Lower Pri), 9 to 12 (Upper Pri), and 13 to 18 years old (Sec & Teens). Designed by our World Champion public speaking faculty, the programme offers a 1-year syllabus, with monthly themes covering consistent, current, and relevant public speaking techniques and communication skills. The Programme is also registered with the Ministry of Education, and aims to impart public speaking skills for kids by, among others:

  • Confidence Building & Conquering the Stage – introducing children to the necessary techniques and skillsets to build up their speaking confidence and conquer stage anxiety (perfect for both beginners and confident speakers!)
  • Transformative Communication Skills for Children – communication skills for your child to transform the way they view public speaking and to master as they grow as young, competent public speakers
  • Prospects & Horizon Expansion for Your Child – expanding the prospects of your child by starting young with confidence-building, and growth as a powerful and compelling speaker – in school, at home or even in their future workplace
  • Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone & Stepping into the Spotlight – consistent practice opportunities for your child to master public speaking skills and challenge themselves through public speaking or debating competitions


The Public Speaking Learning Experience for Your Child

Our commitment to the learning goal is inspired by our very own Darren Tay’s public speaking journey. The Speech Excellence Programme builds on the necessary effective communication skills to nurture your child into an all-rounded and accomplished communicator. The syllabus is designed separately for the age groups of 7 to 8 years old and 9 to 18 years old to focus on relevant communication skill-sets for each group. Our complete syllabus covers two pillars, namely:

  • Core focus on foundational skills (such as body language, overcoming anxiety) – our professional trainers will observe and guide your child’s growth in these foundational areas to ensure mastery of body language and stage confidence, throughout the course
  • Specific theme focus on communication skills (such as persuasive speech, impromptu speaking, oral examination mastery) – the syllabus is segmented into various themes each month for a more targeted and in-depth exploration of unique communication skills, matching the education-cycle of our young communicators

Syllabus for 7 to 8 Years Old

Our syllabus for the 7 to 8 years old group mirrors the education path of our learners in their formative years, balancing the formal education focus and the power skill of public speaking. Each month, learners are guided on various themes that builds communication confidence alongside their school syllabus (e.g., Show & Tell, Storytelling) while bringing our public speaking emphasis in expanding our young communicators’ confidence.


Syllabus for 9 to 18 Years Old

Our syllabus for the 9 to 18 years old group continues the communication growth journey as our young communicators explore more formal speech settings such as in-class presentations, project presentations, speeches, or competitions. The focus shifts to building foundational public speaking techniques with a focus on elements such as body language, vocal variety, and even content structures. Our young communicators will continue to build their confidence beyond their two feet!


The First-Class Experience!

When your child step into their first Speech Excellence Programme class, they will be greeted by our highly capable and qualified team of public speaking trainers, handpicked and trained by our Master Trainer, Darren Tay. We are passionate, committed, and driven to provide your child with the best platform for public speaking and to nurture your child as an immaculate public speaker.
For a holistic and all-rounded approach to soft-skills training, your child will experience our 30-70 Rule:

OUR 30 - 70 Rule

30% of the class time is focused on an open and engaging sharing of public speaking skills and techniques, peppered with our professional trainers’ personal experiences and engagement activities

70% of the class time is dedicated to providing our students with the safe and constructive space to practice, practice and practice their craft! They receive professional, detailed, and dedicated evaluation every session.

In their first class alone, your child will be guided on the relevant techniques/content, put in to practice, and receive customised feedback by our professional public speaking trainers. Whether in encouraging a shy student to take the first step or polishing the communication skills of a young speaker, we are ready to provide your child with the necessary growth support in the Speech Excellence Programme.

What Our Students Have To Say About The Program

The Enrolment Structure - How Do I Start My Child’s Public Speaking Journey?

The classes for our Speech Excellence Programme are available at all 3 of our branches around Singapore, in Hougang ActiveSG Sports Centre, SAFRA Tampines, and Bukit Timah Coronation Shopping Plaza. Each class lasts for 1.5 hours, with weekly classes held at our branches on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (except Public Holidays, depending on age group):