“I feel more confident and comfortable onstage. I used to stutter on stage due to stage fright and nervousness. The guided breathing techniques, sat -visualisation and preparation methods shared by the trainers helped me a lot to manage my nerves well”.

Neaton Tan – 18, Student

“I enjoyed the training sessions conducted by Mr Darren Tay. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. The video playback definitely helped me to see myself better and work to correct the micro-expression flaws”.

Joanne Chng – 24, Student

“I could see great improvement in my English language examination results. The in-class exercises were very focused which allowed me to grasp and master the depth of the subject matter instead of just understanding it at the surface level”.

Benjamin Chen – 12, Student

“The perceptive thrust of arguments formulated by my trainers really stood out vis-à-vis those that were churned out in my school and personal study groups. I feel assured and motivated that the education I receive from Public Speaking Academy places me ahead of my peers and allow me to stand out academically”.

Chen Hui Jin – 22, Student

“I used to be a very shy individual. I do not dare to step forth and introduce myself to a stranger at my company’s networking events. After 3 months of training under Mr Darren Tay, I am a more confident person. I feel good and at ease at corporate social events”.

Adeline Tay – 37, Executive (Local Bank)

“When I was first called upon to deliver a 1 hour speech at my company’s annual conference, I tried rehearsing many times at home, believing that practise would make perfect. However, when I play back the video recordings I made of my rehearsal sessions, I did not feel satisfied with my performance, in particular, my body language and pause fillers. My investment with Mr Darren Tay at the Public Speaking Academy really paid off after 4 sessions as he worked with me on my speech craft and non-verbal communication skills. The standing ovation I received at the end of my 1 hour speech reinforced my newly-acquired belief that I can speak well on stage too”.

Jeremy Quek – 44, General Manager (MNC with an operative branch in Singapore)

“As a competitive debater in my university, I appreciate the nuances in the training programme that the coaches at Public Speaking Academy espouse. The rebuttal techniques and engagement strategies helped me tremendously to perform at national and international debating competitions. It is rare to find a private debating programme in Singapore conducted at a learning centre; I am glad to have met and grown under the tutelage of the coaches at the Public Speaking Academy”.

Rachel Ling – 23, Undergraduate (Local University)

“The pronunciation and enunciation exercises conducted by my trainer at the Public Speaking Academy exposed me to the different misconceptions which I had. My trainer helped me to correct those errors and enrich me with vocabulary building exercises”.

Grace Lai – 14, Student

“My English Language examination results went from a B4 to an A2 in just 3 months of training with my trainer at the Public Speaking Academy”.

Ng Hong Zhi – 15, Student