Premium One-to-One Public Speaking Training (for Children, Adults or Corporate Clients)

The Public Speaking Academy has an extensive record of providing customised public speaking training for clients of all ages, background and learning needs. Since 2009, our team of professional and highly qualified public speaking trainers have trained and coached clients (on a one-to-one basis), with learning plans tailored to meet our clients’ diverse learning objectives. Through the premium one-to-one public speaking training, our clients enjoy unparalleled privacy, individualised attention and rigorous development from our professional trainers.

So far, we have trained clients from as young as 7 years old, to prepare for national public speaking competitions, to corporate executives / senior management professionals, looking to improve their business presentations skills (both Singapore and abroad). For that customised and dedicated approach to learning, we welcome you to reach out to us to discuss your unique public speaking learning journey!

Our Customised Public Speaking Learning Journey

In preparing our customised public speaking learning journey for you, the Public Speaking Academy draws upon on our extensive experience, professional training team and our established syllabus (as registered with the Ministry of Education). Beyond this, our premium one-to-one public speaking training also offers our clients the wide flexibility of selecting their learning objectives, preferred timing/venue or their pick from our professional trainers with their diverse background. We aim to provide our one-to-one clients through:

  • Designing a Structured & Customised Solution – we believe in engaging with our one-to-one clients first to understand their specific learning objectives and how best to design and structure the best-fit public speaking training programme
  • Communications Skills Sharing & Practice – we draw upon our experience and expertise in presenting a suite of effective communication skills and techniques, through demonstration and practise with our professional trainers
  • Rigorous, but Safe Platform for Public Speaking Practice – we aim to provide our clients with a challenging, but safe, platform to practise – be it a high-impact business presentation or rehearsing for a national public speaking competition
  • Immediate, Constructive and Targeted Feedback – we provide immediate, constructive and targeted feedback for each session for a thorough and focused growth in their public speaking abilities

Our one-to-one clients have approached us for a variety of public speaking and coaching services, including:

  • Seminar talks
  • High-stakes business presentations
  • Workshop speeches
  • Wedding toasts
  • Keynote addresses
  • Speech contest preparations
  • Pitches
  • Board presentations
  • Interpersonal communication scenarios
  • General development (in the area of effective communication)

Whether you are looking for focused feedback for a high-stakes business presentation or preparing for a speech before a large audience, our premium one-to-one public speaking training is perfect for you! Our pricing scaffold is likewise transparent and reasonable – as we would need to customise the public speaking training programme to match your learning needs, we welcome you to reach out to us for a discussion and a quotation!

The Public Speaking Academy looks forward to being there through every step of your public speaking and confidence-building journey!