Holiday / Intensive Public-Speaking Masterclasses (for Children & Adults)

Are you looking for an intensive, school holiday public speaking masterclass programme? Whether you are a student or an adult / working professional – we present to you Singapore’s only World Champion S’Peak Performance Masterclass for both students and adults!

The 2-day intensive public speaking programme, with syllabi tailored for both children and adults, is helmed by our very own World Champion of Public Speaking and Master Trainer, Darren Tay. Learn effective communication skills from the World Champion of Public Speaking, ranging from overcoming stage anxiety, preparing for that dreaded National Oral Examinations (for students) or delivering that powerful business presentation.

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Meet our World Champion of Public Speaking for the 2-Day Masterclass!

Essential soft skills such as public speaking and interpersonal communication skills have become increasingly important and highly sought after both in schools and the modern workplace – from Direct School Admission to Scholarship interviews, multimedia classroom presentations to oral examinations and even leadership roles / day-to-day interaction among students or colleagues. Everyone wants to stand out and shine both in school and at the workplace – the individuals who are able to secure that promotion or lead the project are both intelligent and more importantly,
eloquent – possessing the ability to cogently and persuasively deliver his/her ideas to classmates, colleagues, employers, clients or investors.

Here at Public Speaking Academy, we believe that the opportunity to pick up effective public speaking and communication skills should be open to all. Based on our primary research, many students and adults lack either stage confidence, self-esteem or stage competencies, which impairs the effectiveness of their communication skills. Worse still, this can even create a vicious cycle of students and adults reinforcing their self-limiting belief that they were just born without the ‘gift of the gab’ or that “Nature” trumps “Nurture”, therefore perpetuating the deficiency of self-confidence!

Instead, our team of professional public speaking trainers strongly believe that essential soft skills such as public speaking and interpersonal communication skills can absolutely be nurtured and taught effectively. These timeless communication skills and the clear benefits of equipping your child or yourself with it will continue to empower and transform your life immediately in your workplace or your future path.


What You Can Expect from the S’Peak Performance Masterclasses

  • Personal “World Champion” Touch – our Master Trainer and World Champion of Public Speaking 2016 will personally conduct the S’Peak Performance Programme – sharing World-Class guidance, and tried and tested public speaking and confidence-boosting strategies
  • UNIQUE and FRESH Teaching Approach – creative and refreshing methods of monitoring progress during the programme e.g. through the usage of video recording to track performance and progress or using a 3-tier evaluation to facilitate improved learning curve
  • Flexible and Applicable Public Speaking Frameworks – be exposed to extensive public speaking frameworks which are applicable in various contexts (from one-on-one settings to effective business presentations)
  • Safe, Conducive and Constructive Environment – our students are provided with a safe, conducive and constructive platform to practise their public speaking skills and to make as many mistakes as possible and learn from one another – this is a valuable opportunity for our students to speak up before a group and hone the practical aspects

From basic communication skills (e.g. body language, hand gestures) to specific skills (e.g. interviews, interpersonal communication), the S’Peak Performance Programme is the public speaking training programme of choice to ensure your continuous development as a powerful public presenter or a confident communicator. Join us now!