World Champion Certification Programme (Public Speaking)

Regular Group Public Speaking Training for Adults

Find yourself stumped, doubtful and nervous when asked to deliver a high-stakes business presentation? Having trouble communicating and motivating the team you have just been assigned to lead? Or simply looking for a refreshing take on effective communications and networking confidence skills?

We recognise the modern issues adults and working professionals struggle with in the field of public speaking and communications – a field that features intimately in most aspects of modern work nowadays. We believe in lifelong learning and continuous skills upgrading, especially for adults / working professionals, in ensuring that you are not left behind in your fast-paced workplace – true to this, the Public Speaking Academy has designed Singapore’s first World Champion public speaking course for adults, tailored to meet the contemporary workplace demands. The programme syllabi, along with the World Champion Certification Examination, are both designed by Darren Tay, together with his hand-picked and high-qualified public speaking training team, and registered with the Ministry of Education.

Introducing the World Champion Certification Programme (Public Speaking)!

The World Champion Certification Programme is a public speaking course in Singapore designed for adults / working professionals by our first Singaporean World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay (who is also the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking), Founder, Managing Director and Master Trainer at the Public Speaking Academy. Tailored for adults and working professionals, the World Champion Certification Programme aims to provide its students with an introduction, exploration and enhancement of public speaking expertise and techniques through regular, group training sessions. The programme offers an engaging and holistic public speaking training programme for students to pick up effective communication skills, covering areas such as:

  • Communications Foundation-Building – introduction to necessary foundation skills to enhance your communication and start building your public speaking learning journey (e.g. body language, pronunciation, enunciation, vocal variety)
  • Expertise and Techniques for the Modern Workplace – learn and master relevant and effective communication skills to facilitate the growth of your potential as a confident and charismatic member of your workplace (e.g. interview skills, PowerPoint presentation skills, persuasive speech)
  • Constructive and Safe Training Platform – providing a safe space for you to grow as a public speaker or effective communicator through practice opportunities, constructive feedback and immediate feedback implementation

Our Learning Methodology – Constructively Challenging & Sufficiently Safe Learning

The World Champion Certification Programme is perfect for both beginners having their first foray into the public speaking training journey and advanced speakers looking to bring their communications/presentations skills to the next level. We aim to provide our students with a sufficiently safe, but still constructive, challenging and conducive, environment for our students to learn, train and grow as individuals and as a group. The World Champion Certification Programme begins from an introduction to foundational public speaking speech techniques, specific speech genres and advanced linguistic skills; to delving further into advanced public speaking skills (e.g. body language, PowerPoint presentation skills), further speech genres and even conflict resolution techniques.

Classes are conducted as weekly, regular group training sessions, with greater emphasis on an encouraging and engaging learning environment. Unlike a one-way lecture-style of classes, our competent and passionate training team believes in a hands-on approach for optimal assimilation of public speaking skills and techniques – we believe that learning is best achieved through a maximising combination of theory and practice.

Our classes are structured based on our 30 – 70 Rule30% of the class time is focused on an open and engaging sharing of public speaking skills and techniques, peppered with our professional trainers’ own sharing of their personal experiences and journey; 70% of the class time is dedicated to providing our students with the safe and constructive space to practice, practice and practice their craft! The 30 – 70 Rule ensures that all our students will get a valuable opportunity to test their learning in a supportive environment, receive immediate and relevant feedback, and clarify their doubts in their public speaking learning journey. This Rule also encourages our students to take up these opportunities to speak up before a larger audience and hone their effective communication skills in each class.

Beyond this, we keep our class sizes small (maximum 12 students) to ensure that each student receives greater focus and attention to their learning and development from our trainers. The class size likewise ensures that our students get a valuable opportunity to test their learning each class in front of a sufficiently challenging group size. In line with our commitment to optimal and holistic learning, we provide our students with the printed handouts and video recordings of their practice speech deliveries, maximising their learning by providing them with an opportunity to evaluate their performance in class and identify key areas of improvement moving forward.

What Our Adult Learners Have To Say About The Program

Our Learning Areas and Scope – World Champion Certification Programme

The World Champion Certification Programme is designed as a structured and guided learning process to tailor to students from different public speaking background or with nuanced learning objectives. The programme covers general communication skills ranging from body language, vocal variety to advanced techniques involving specific speech genres and advanced linguistic skills.

The topics to be covered are:

  1. Body language (hand gestures, facial expressions, vocal variety, pausing with power etc.)
  2. Language skills (proper pronunciation and enunciation, common misuses and abuses of the English language)
  3. Impromptu speaking techniques (training students how to think fast on their feet)
  4. Interview skills (how to answer the top 10 toughest interview questions)
  5. Group interview
  6. PowerPoint presentation skills
  7. How to be engaging and enthralling (8 step blueprint)
  8. Emceeing (how to be a charismatic and eloquent Master-of- Ceremony on stage)
  9. Persuasive speech genre
  10. Informative speech genre
  11. Advanced linguistics skills Part 1
  12. Advanced linguistics skills Part 2



If you would like to request for a customised course timing for your group of friends or colleagues, please contact us and indicate your request in the contact form below. We will contact you shortly. Please be informed that we have a minimum class size for a customised course timing.

If you are a parent and would like to enrich your kids with presentation skills, you may check out our public speaking courses for kids here.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is each session?

    2 Hours

    Who teaches the lessons?

    Professional trainer from Darren Tay’s teaching faculty.

    Will the students be in a different group from the adults?

    Yes, they will be grouped according to their age.

    How is payment done?

    Upon confirmation and registration of participant (via the receipt of the completed registration form), participant will make full payment of the program fee (inclusive of the early-bird 10% discount, if applicable) in order to secure the his/ her seat.


    Payment can be made through the following modes:

    1) PayNow

    2) Fund Transfer

    3) PayPal (for credit card payments)

    What if I miss a lesson?

    We do not have any lessons on designated public holidays. However, for any reason that you cannot make it for lessons on regular lesson days, fret not. Although we do not have a replacement class policy, we will assist you in your learning and ensure that you will not be left behind by helping you in 2 areas:

    1. We offer you all the notes and materials used by the trainer during the lesson which you missed.
    2. We offer you our online training video(s), featuring our World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay, for the respective lesson(s) missed.